Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Choosing you own Correspondences

Days 28 Plant Spirit Ally Challenge by Hagstone Publishing

If you open any magical book about plants you are bound to find a section listing the folk names and properties of each plant. Correspondences are one of the first things we learn as beginners. Think of a list of correspondence as a kind of resume (C.V for my fellow U.K folk) for a plant. It's a good starting point in introducing us to a plant so we can get an idea of what we are working with and what it can bring to the table. This gives us a foundation to build upon in cultivating our relationship with plants.

Once we familiarize ourselves with these correspondences, we can go even further and look into how and why a plant is given its qualities, rather simply accepting a given list at face value. This also deepens our connection to the plants, giving us a new level of understanding, and even give us some insight into the relationships our ancestors had with them, giving us a connecting to the past.

But at some point in the relationship we've cultivated with our plant allies we discover our own personal connections and correspondences, for example, personally, I associate Peppermint with happiness and comfort. It's one of my favourites flavours and I have many fond memories using it making peppermint cremes, eating chocolate chip ice cream or being giving mint sweets as an after school treat. It has been an ever-present comfort in my childhood too, soothing my during my motion sickness on long car rides, settling painful bloating, even just inhaling its scent brings me back into my body and into the present moment.

Also, your plant allies may reveal to you correspondences that aren't in any book! Plants are people too, they have their own secrets and stories, quirks and personalities. Trust your gut/intuition, alot of your work with plants spirits is using this subtle yet powerful ability and learning how this power communicate for you is an important step. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. Do simple exercises every day you work out your intuition. Use it to make simple decisions, pick out two outfits and ask your intuition which one should I wear. Then see if you notice anything shift within you. Be patient with yourself, like exercising a physical muscle it's going to take time and dedication before your intuition will be swoll! The idea is you want to get a sense and feel of your intuition so you can tell it apart from your emotions, mental chattering and other distractions.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Greenest of Blessings

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